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How To Setup Bigpond Email In Mac OSX 10.5?

Bigpond, now known as Telstra mail has always been an optimally designed email application. To that end, it understands the various methodologies it needs to adapt to particular operating system. This feature has made it more spread out than its competitors. Therefore, if you are a user of some of the more obscure operating systems in the market, it would suit you well to know about these.

Bigpond Support Australia Presents To You The Way To Set Up Telstra Mail On Mac OSX 10.5

By all intents and purpose, a Mac OSX is not niche operating system anymore. To that end, the titular subscription based email application has found a way install itself into this Apple based OS as well. The process is setting up the mail entail both the standard automatic and manual methodologies, the processes are indeed simple but still could be a bit typical.

Bigpond Support Experts Are Discuss The Automatic Setup Methodology

  • Keep A Check On Your Credentials: Before we begin with the process of setting up the account, you must have the Bigpond credentials i.e. ready at your side. Another reason for precision here is the strict nature of Macintosh.
  • Apple Mail: To initiate the setup process, you must first access the Mail functionality of your apple device. Go to Mail from the Apple menu -> and from there move to Preferences. To setup an email, the Mac dictates that you adhere to strict preferential guidelines. For this very reason, Mac has enabled the mail options in the desktop itself.
  • Addition Of Telstra Account: Once you have accessed the preferences, you would see all the accounts that you have added previously in the Accounts tab. To add the new bigpond mail account, select the addition “+” icon.
  • Enter In Your Credentials: Prior to ass your account, you would have to pseudo-access it via the Mac. Therefore, here you would enter your name, ID and password and sign in.
  • Success: Once you have completed all these steps without any hitch, you would have set up your account here. If not, there might be issues with your credentials, or your internet connection. To that end, repeat the steps up until now. Furthermore, you would have to apply manual set up at this point. Else, If you endeavor was successful => select “Done”.

This here is a way to set up an account. For more information, Dial Bigpond Customer Number 1-800-870-613 for further assistance. There is still a manual method left for you to try, to that end, our customer support representatives might be able to assist you.