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What To Do If The Bigpond Password Is Hacked?

As amazing email clients have always been, none of them are completely invulnerable from the attack of hackers. BigPond is one such application. While this webmail software is rather exclusive, it tends to fall into the same traps that hackers set. The consequence of such traps is hacked Bigpond password. Now, there are two types of hacks when it comes to passwords:

  • Type1: The Hacker Knows The Password But Has Not Changed It: These hacks tend to be a lot more insidious. Meaning, a user might not even know that their password is compromised until it’s a little too late. While not much noticeable, these types of intrusions are meant for prolonged usage of victim accounts.
  • Type2: The Hacker Alters The Password: These intrusions are mainly meant of mischief and/or revenge purposes. In these types of hacks, once the culprit finds out the pass code, they alter it so as to restrict the account access. The main purpose of this type of intrusion is delaying the user.

  • Luckily enough, Bigpond, being more of an exclusive and service oriented email client applies a more streamlines and convenient method for pass word recovery. While this method is not completely future proof, it is easy to implement.

Bigpond Support Is Here To Present To You This Streamlines Method Of Password Restoration

BigPond (now called Telstra) can be considered a niche when it comes to webmail software. Therefore, they provide a more client oriented solutions for pass code restoration. Before we delve into these methods, you must first have to find out the hack type.

Finding The Intrusion Type

  • Go to the official login screen
  • Type in your credentialst
  • If you are able to access your account, search the inbox thoroughly
  • See to it if there is any evidence of unsolicited activity on your account.
  • If you find any such evidence, then you are victim of Type1 intrusion.
  • If you cannot go beyond step two and your credentials are not recognized, you are a victim of Type2 intrusion

Whatever the case may be, you have to perform a pass code recovery for your account.

Go Through The Following Procedure For Hacked Password Recovery

  • Go to the official login screen
  • Type in your credentials
  • Instead of submitting these credentials, click on “I cannot access my account”
  • You will now be given two options, click on “Forgotten Password”
  • On the resultant screen, input your username (Telstra ID) and date of birth.
  • The email client will now compare the Telstra ID with Bigpond email address
  • On the resultant screen, input your username (Telstra ID) and date of birth.
  • The email client will now compare the Telstra ID with Bigpond email address
  • Save changes

Password recovery method is a major part of the account recovery paradigm. When an account is hacked, all the credentials are compromised. While username cannot necessarily be altered, a password can be. Therefore, security purposes, you are advised to apply pass code reset when you are performing account recovery as well.

As evident, this method is pretty streamlined. This does not mean that the account is completely safe. To that end, you should Contact Bigpond Support team for their assistance. You can get in touch with them using the toll free Bigpond Technical Support Number 1-800-875-379. When resetting your password, what you need is a lot more than just strength; you must make sure that it does not fall in a generic category. To that end, this team of specialists can assist you in creating a more robust and secure password.